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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break, 2014 - Part I

So I know you are probably shocked that I haven't written since my last 'break' these days doesn't seem to understand that there are only 24 hours in a matter how many ways you try and slice it (and trust me, I've tried many options!) there is limited time to accomplish all the things I want to do! Which is why it's important to document the moments that seem to go right...and this week has been all 'right' in my book. 

We started our break off with a family trip to the Veledrone where we enjoyed Trucks Trucks Everywhere and Kid Fit Zone. Both events are phenomenal and having them there together just made it extra phenomenal.  

I imagine we won't be smiling quite so brightly when the firemen actually do make a trip to our house (or car, for that matter). 

Did you know trucker boys danced like this?! Who knew?? 

By the end of the week, we hadfinally  conquered our sudden and spastic fear of Glen and Glenda. Thank God.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a wonderful  Firework Finale of the Come See me Festival. We had cookouts, played with friends, did some tailgating, and watched the children run amucktill way too late. 

Fun at Jack & Rileys pre-firework! 

Lots of kisses from Mrs. Pam (his lady friend💃).

So cool watching the sky-divers make their entrance into the lakes area. W immediately busted out his 'God Bless America' as soon as he saw the American flag parachutes. God love him. 

Got to listen to some rock & roll guys. Super close, and super loud. 

Loved hanging out with my boys that Saturday. What a wonderfully lucky lady I am! 

Sunday, after working the sound booth at church (where I may not be fired after all!) we hosted a Spring Fling for the Board of Disabilities. It is one of my most favorite activities we do all year in the League. Such a rewarding experience that I will cherish always. 

This guy might have been my all-time favorite. Best moves ever. #mj4life 

Sweet girl kept spinning right out if her shoes. Her excitement and enthusiasm to interact to music is inspiring. Love watching her dance! 

Next, it was off to an Easter Egg hunt at the Shaw's house, a neighbor & teacher friend I am grateful to know now through my new job. 

Bet you didn't think they'd hide Easter eggs at the top of trees, did ya? 😉

To round out an incredible weekend we got to have dinner with some incredible families!! Thank you, President Guyton, for opening your home and hearts for us to enjoy some great food, fun, and fellowship! 

Silly gooses! 

Sweet girls made an egg treasure hunt for EP and W. They had a BLAST!! 

And this boy definitely made a new BF. So sweet watching that little connection take off so quickly! 

Sometimes I worry about the amount of things we are able to pack into a weekend; but like I mentioned before, there are only so many hours in a day. And I couldn't be happier with how we chose to spend each and every one of them that weekend! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Another Snowy Post & A Mommy Prayer

 I know, I know...but it's melting so this should be the last one for a while 
(unless we get another snow which case I'd be elated!) 

Rollings' Snow Day Agenda:

8:45 - Wake Up
9:00 - Donald's (thank you, daddy man!)
10:00 - Snow gear on
10:30 - Probably still getting snow gear on
10:45 - Head to the slopes/a.k.a. - hills in RH
11:00- Snow fun (wakeboard, snowboard, sled, and snowmen)
1:30 - Head home for NAP
3:30 - Wake your sleepy head up from NAP
4:00 - Snow gear on...again (but it won't take near as long since
I didn't take it all off before NAP!)
4:30 More snow fun (Redneck sledding, playing with neighbors, snowball fights, wake boarding, saucer-racing, snowman building, and more snowball fights).
7:00 - Inside to thaw out and drink hot chocolate! 
8:00 Pizza for dinner!
8:30 - BATH
9:00 - Lights out...for everyone! 

Last night, you heard W's prayer.  Tonight, you'll hear mine...

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for every smile, every laugh, every sweet sound, every warm hug, every cold cheek, and every moment of joy we experienced today.  It was a perfect day; and one that I'll hold in my heart as a reminder of what Heaven may feel like.  Your grace and love is all around us and it makes my heart smile knowing that You seem to know exactly when we need these reminders.  
For this, I am humbled and grateful. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Snow Prayer

Dear God, 

'Khank you (thank you) for building mommy, daddy, Winston, Brodey, my green house, and transformers. And khank you so much for canceling school so we can stay home and play together. Please don't let Elsa's powers get too strong. Amen'


Saturday, January 25, 2014


So when he walks out of his room wearing these glasses saying, "Look mom! Today we are brothers because I have glasses too!" Your heart can't help but melt just a little matter how big the misconception may be. I adore this little boy, brother of mine. 

Tons of Tubing Fun at Moonshine Mountain

A few pictures of an incredible day with some incredible boys. This was our first experience tubing, something I've waited to do with this little boy since before we met. 

Getting geared up! 

Watching and waiting for his first ride. 

We had some time so we took some of his favorite things to do. 

Finally, being pulled up the mountain by daddy (once by mommy) and then we used the pully the rest of our visit :) 

Being pulled up a mountain while lounging is REALLY hard work.

Yea right...this lasted all of 20 seconds. Don't let him fool you ;) 

The cool thing about the wait, you didn't realize you were waiting. There was so much to see and check was pretty cool!

All sorts of characters to see...

ALL sorts ;

Using the pully system once sun went down...slippery slopes once ice hits.

Saying good bye to the slopes, and thanking God for the experience. 

We had an amazing time and can't wait to go back!